RIICO has played a catalytic role in the industrial development of Rajasthan

Services provided by RIICO to investors and entrepreneurs include :

Bullet1.gif (2911 bytes)Site selection and Acquisition of land
Bullet1.gif (2911 bytes)Financial assistance to smalls  medium and large scale projects
Bullet1.gif (2911 bytes)Equity participation in large projects on merit
Bullet1.gif (2911 bytes)Technical consultancy for project identification and technical tie up
Bullet1.gif (2911 bytes)Escort services ,facilitation of government clearances
Bullet1.gif (2911 bytes)Merchant banking and financial tie -ups
Bullet1.gif (2911 bytes)Extending incentives and concessions according to the policy of State Government

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RIICO provides a unique financial package to investors for small,large and medium industrial projects. All under a single roof. The range of financial services provided by RIICO




RIICO has 27 regional offices all over Rajasthan which administer the development of land related infrastructure for industrialization.

RIICO has so far developed 328 Industrial Areas by acquiring about 75000 acres of land . It is continuously acquiring and developing more land . Each industrial area is Provided with power ,street light, water supply , road linkages and also with basic social infrastructure.

More than Rs. 8100 million have been spent on pooling infrastructure services in these Industrial Areas by RIICO.


RIICO has also embarked upon creation of Special purpose Industrial Parks with excellent infrastructure facilities for a particular type of industry.

The location for these industry -specific areas are carefully selected after assessing the availability of related resources such as raw material ,labour etc.

Some of the important parks are :

  • Special Economic Zones, Jaipur
  • Agro Food Parks (Kota, Jodhpur, Sriganganagar & Alwar)
  • Export Promotion Industrial Parks (Jaipur, Jodhpur and Neemrana)
  • Information Technology Parks  (Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota and Udaipur)
  • Textile City (Bhilwara)
  • Leather Complex (Manpur Macheri ,Jaipur)
  • Ceramics Complex (Khara, Bikaner)

About 35000 industries are in production within the industrial areas developed by RIICO in Rajasthan

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